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lunettes sur mesures stephane laffargue artisan lunetier
Your custom glasses
Whatever the material of your glasses, the process of creating each piece leaving the workshop is the same.
Choice of material, drawing of the shape from a photo of your face, taking measurements, manufacturing. And the adjustment "poses on face".
Choice of material
Your wooden glasses of: Olivier, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Royal ebony, Rosewood, Violet wood, Yew, Cocobolo, Macasar Ebnene, Ebony, Padouk, ...
Your glasses in Indian Buffalo Horn, Zebu Horn, and Camargue Bull Horn. Also let yourself be seduced by the Damascus cutlery steel.
Taking measurements
Major step in the development of your custom glasses.
The fit of your nose, the cranial measurements, length of branches ... Positioning and dimensions of your ears, eyebrows, eyelash length, everything comes into account, you are unique, your glasses will be a unique work of art.
Digital drawing, cutting of material on CNC milling machine, then hours of manual shaping, drilling, creasing of the beziers, polishing,
laser engraving or marking ...
Personalization in its purest form!
Each glasses really goes through the hands of the glasses for several hours between 8h and 20h depending on the details, the finish ... Your glasses are a work of art, far from the models from manufacturing and industrial distribution.
Each pair of glasses is polished by hand, more than 6 passes with sandpaper, polishing turn, sublimating one by one each side of the bezel as for polishing a precious stone.
Completion time

The moments spent with the client are estimated at 3 hours spread over 2 or 3 appointments:
The first is the longest. It takes place at your optician's depot or directly at the workshop. Advice on form, first sketches, presentation of materials and colors, taking measurements.
The second is planned for the first fitting.
Taking measurements for the installation of glasses.
And the third are the final adjustments and the delivery.
Everything is ready to welcome you in the best conditions ...
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